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Invest responsibly: CFD trading carries significant risks.

Прописные истины Форекса

They come to trading to earn money. According to statistics, 95% of traders lose the body of the deposit and only 5% earn. So why, do people still rush here? Why do these strategies? Why poke "Buy" and "Sell"? Why do what they do? Today we will deal with the main question: what prevents the trader from the first days to start making a profit?


Two attractive properties of Forex:


Profit at Forex? Easy! Many, especially at the beginning of the trader’s way, have the conviction that the exchange is a place where you can earn a million dollars in 10 minutes without doing anything. Is this logical? Is it adequate? I think everyone understands that this is not entirely true. And even not at all.

Trader is prestigious!

Very often, the exchange sphere is advertised as a very prestigious occupation - “If you are a trader, you control the cash flow of the whole world, you control the world news. You are a mega-cool analyst sitting in a skyscraper on Wall Street. You open the door of any club with your feet, because everyone knows that you are a very cool trader.





What do you need to succeed in forex?


On the one hand, we will not tell you anything new - for success at Forex you need time, an experienced mentor (if you don’t want to waste time and money on stuffing your own cones), a set of income strategies and iron nerves. But that is why it is important to say this for the thousandth time.

Profitable strategies and practices, practices, practices - month after month. Only in the movie, the protagonist walks through the streets and eats hot dogs for office workers, and then puts the last $ 20 on the stock exchange, and becomes a millionaire. The task of the movie is to evoke emotions, and viewers take it at face value that the exchange and Forex work this way - “from rags to riches”, and a lot of sharp positive emotions.

We have never heard of a man who got behind the wheel of a car for the first time, and immediately drove like Michael Schumacher. It takes time and practice. And so any profession - a programmer, businessman or builder - everyone needs time and mistakes to reach a serious level. In trading - everything is exactly the same.